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Services of Duropack

We offer packing moving services and international moving and relocation services which includes:


  • Cargo packing Services
  • Cargo moving Services
  • Worldwide and nationwide relocation services of offices, factories, laboratories like office relocation services.
  • Door to door movement of household effects.
  • Movement in the city, nationally or internationally.
  • International relocation services for offices, factories, laboratories.
  • Movement of books, artifacts, furniture event religious statues and alters.
  •  Packing, clearance (inbound & outbound) and shipment of all household office related pahenalia.


Duropack Packing standard

    We have wide range of packing material to suit national and international movement as polythene, expended Polythene, Foam, Thermacoal, Bubble, Tissue paper (Brown & White), Harison Cloth(Gunny) and our rates vary on using different material for different objects.

    We provide crates of fragile and electrical gazettes depending on the mode of transportation by Road/Sea/Air.

    We provide palates of international standards to hold the packages or machines to be air lifted or by sea having provision to be fork lifted.

    We provide fabricated wooden big boxes to be slided into the container, which are made on strong base depending on the weight and volumes, and then the whole structure is supported by strong wooden planks/ply.

    We are an expert on the above as we have a long experience in this field. It wouldn’t be out of the way that we handled super computers for ONGC, Mausam Bhawan, Ministry of Space, Trivani Engineering, Delphi Automotives, NTPC, C.G, Schlumberger, Siemens Group. We have arrangement of  forklift hydra, Pick & Carry crane and cranes having capacity of 3 to 25 tones, chainful rollers,  hydraulic trolley etc.

    We have very old professional packers and Carpenters, foremen Supervisors, Labour and Escorts to execute the entire job professionally from door to door and door to port.

    We have two warehouses one in transit and the other warehouse having an area of 2000 sq. yard fully covered and protected from any pilferage or theft (fully insured).


Additional Services

  • Insurance Warehouse
  • Goods Escort with he consignment to monitor day-to-day movement of your effects.
  • Destination services, packing, unpacking and International Relocation Services arrangement of effects at your home or office.
  • Clearance of inbound and outbound consignment.



Offering International Relocation Services And Packing Moving Services In India

Whether a match box, a computer or an elephant if u want it professionally transported please bring it to us !!